The Amazing Desert of Huacachina, Peru

Never have I ever (o yeah) been to a proper desert beofore a week ago. The wonderful place Huacachina is a tiny town surrounding a lagoon in the Peruvian desert. Its extraordinary beauty and location has earned it a place on the Peruvian 50-soles notes. The town is known for it’s sandboarding trips in the desert, and let me tell you folks. Laying on a wooden board going down huge sand dunes in extreme speeds is off the chain! To get out to the big sand dunes your going in a big sand buggy (our’s had room for 12 people), and with our great hostel owner Antonio as the driver, we couldn’t have asked for a better ride. I had the luck to get the front seat in the buggy and trust me, it was a thrilling experience going over the top of sand dunes – especially when Antonio drove like crazy and showed off with “no-hands”!
After sandboarding down a couple of sand dunes we finished the trip by watching an astonishing vibrant red-yellow-purple sunset in the desert:)