Flying In The Sky

What is man’s oldest dream? What can birds do that only humans dream of?
– Flying.
Yesterday I made a day stop in Bucaramanga, the beautiful town that’s known for it’s paragliding. The owner of the company saw one of my panoramas in a hostel in Medellin and immediately invited me to his hostel and paragliding company. Since I was heading down south after exploring the north of Colombia, I thought I might as well stop by.
And was it worth a days stop in Bucaramanga? Oh, dear child, it was:) They strapped me onto the harness and we quickly took a couple of running steps before the wind took us on a journey away from earth, Edinson and me. Amazing. Breath taking. A huge Wow! inside my young mans brain was everything I could think of. The feeling of seeing our planet from a birds point of view and also flying over it together with our smaller bewinged and feathered friends is not meant to be experienced in words, but in air. We flew for half an hour and then our feet once again touched mother’s green green grass.
I love flying, in any forms. I guess that’s a part of exploring places and feelings I haven’t experienced before, hence my love for travelling.
After taking some photos and exchanging them for salt (no, actually pesos, but the word salary actually comes from back in the days when you got your salary in salt) I took another night bus to Bogota where I am at the moment.
Soon another bus will have me inside her for 22 (twenty two) hours before spitting me out in Ipiales, just by the border to Ecuador.
Till then fellow humans, take care.

The take off and landing site at Colombia Paragliding in Bucaramanga.

This is from last weeks trip to Tayrona National Park, amazing just walking around in the jungle looking for things to see. The draw of luck showed me a big snake, hundreds of lizards and, crabs, a cayman and much more from the animal life.

This is from Parque Berrio in Medellin taken about 1,5 weeks ago.