Machu Piccu – City Of The Incas

The 15th-century Inca site located 2,430 metres above sea level is the most famous icon in the Inca world.
After a three days of hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting and zip lining we had finally reached out goal. The magnificent “City of the Incas” – Machu Piccu!
Waking up at 3.45 am on the fourth day of our Jungle Trek we started the final hike up towards Machu Piccu ready to enter through the gates at 6.00 am. There are two options to get from Aguas Caliente, the little town just below Machu Piccu. The tired, old, lazy or just people who can’t bother a “little hike” can pay around 10 USD one way to jump on a bus all the way up. For the Energetic, young, healthy or just us poor backpackers there is one option left. To walk. And trust me when I advice you to only bring the essentials for a day such as water, something to eat, sun glasses, a raincoat and off course your camera. Albeit I’m neither lazy nor stupid, I did choose to bring all my camera equipment (like everywhere else I went in south america). Which is not recommended for anyone not willing to pay the prize of monstrous amounts of sweat, blood, and tears carrying all that extra stuff up the super steep path. But gosh did I get some good shots?
Well, you tell me!

Note that this is the first virtual tour I’m publishing here at This tour consists of four panoramas taken at the great Machu Piccu. Seriously, you can’t miss this one!