Ecuador, mucho South America in smallo country:)

Ecuador, the country whose name comes from the imaginary line that divides our planet in two. A country small in size but astonishingly big on south american atmosphere. In this tiny country you can go to the Amazon jungle, you can climb world class vulcanos such as the adoring Cotopaxi volcano, you can hit the beach for some great sun and surf by the coast, you can visit the amazing and beautiful canyon town Banos for all kinds of adventure activities and last but not least – You can go to the Galapagos Islands to see some of the rarest animals on this very planet. The islands which was so important for Charles Darwin on his journey with HMS Beagle around the world. But I’ll let you know more of hoe the Galapagos is after I’ve been there (leaving tomorrow:)).
Ecuador is definitely the country to go to If you want to see a lot of South America in a short time.
Here’s some views from my time in Ecuador.

Guess what direction is what?

At the very center of the earth – the equator is lying bellow right below us (see the yewllow line;)).

I took a day trip up to the carpark of Cotopaxi Volcano. This is 4550 metres above the home of Nemo.

If you take the Teleferico (cabel car) up to the mountain in Quito you’ll end up here. At 4150 metres above the deep ocean.

At the Old Town in Quito, lovely atmosphere with people singing, crazy christian people preaching etc.

The Basilica Church in Quito’s Old Town. Great view over town but dear, the stairs up there is not for the faint-hearted.

The take off and landing site from my Paraglide in Ambato, just outside of Banos.


  1. jean-francois says:

    What happened to the great park we visited after the teleferico?

    I followed your advise and went paragliding not far from Banos. It was great!


  2. Per Agge says:

    Hi JF!
    I haven’t had time to put together shook panoramas I’ve taken since my laptop broke. Takes forever to do just one at internet cafés down here:p Are you back in Canada now? Hope you had a goods trip and thanks for the guiding and a fantastic day:) P