Machu Piccu – City Of The Incas

The 15th-century Inca site located 2,430 metres above sea level is the most famous icon in the Inca world.
After a three days of hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting and zip lining we had finally reached out goal. The magnificent “City of the Incas” – Machu Piccu!
Waking up at 3.45 am on the fourth day of our Jungle Trek we started the final hike up towards Machu Piccu ready to enter through the gates at 6.00 am. There are two options to get from Aguas Caliente, the little town just below Machu Piccu. The tired, old, lazy or just people who can’t bother a “little hike” can pay around 10 USD one way to jump on a bus all the way up. For the Energetic, young, healthy or just us poor backpackers there is one option left. To walk. And trust me when I advice you to only bring the essentials for a day such as water, something to eat, sun glasses, a raincoat and off course your camera. Albeit I’m neither lazy nor stupid, I did choose to bring all my camera equipment (like everywhere else I went in south america). Which is not recommended for anyone not willing to pay the prize of monstrous amounts of sweat, blood, and tears carrying all that extra stuff up the super steep path. But gosh did I get some good shots?
Well, you tell me!

Note that this is the first virtual tour I’m publishing here at iampear.com. This tour consists of four panoramas taken at the great Machu Piccu. Seriously, you can’t miss this one!

Ecuador, mucho South America in smallo country:)

Ecuador, the country whose name comes from the imaginary line that divides our planet in two. A country small in size but astonishingly big on south american atmosphere. In this tiny country you can go to the Amazon jungle, you can climb world class vulcanos such as the adoring Cotopaxi volcano, you can hit the beach for some great sun and surf by the coast, you can visit the amazing and beautiful canyon town Banos for all kinds of adventure activities and last but not least – You can go to the Galapagos Islands to see some of the rarest animals on this very planet. The islands which was so important for Charles Darwin on his journey with HMS Beagle around the world. But I’ll let you know more of hoe the Galapagos is after I’ve been there (leaving tomorrow:)).
Ecuador is definitely the country to go to If you want to see a lot of South America in a short time.
Here’s some views from my time in Ecuador.

Guess what direction is what?

At the very center of the earth – the equator is lying bellow right below us (see the yewllow line;)).

I took a day trip up to the carpark of Cotopaxi Volcano. This is 4550 metres above the home of Nemo.

If you take the Teleferico (cabel car) up to the mountain in Quito you’ll end up here. At 4150 metres above the deep ocean.

At the Old Town in Quito, lovely atmosphere with people singing, crazy christian people preaching etc.

The Basilica Church in Quito’s Old Town. Great view over town but dear, the stairs up there is not for the faint-hearted.

The take off and landing site from my Paraglide in Ambato, just outside of Banos.

Flying In The Sky

What is man’s oldest dream? What can birds do that only humans dream of?
– Flying.
Yesterday I made a day stop in Bucaramanga, the beautiful town that’s known for it’s paragliding. The owner of the company saw one of my panoramas in a hostel in Medellin and immediately invited me to his hostel and paragliding company. Since I was heading down south after exploring the north of Colombia, I thought I might as well stop by.
And was it worth a days stop in Bucaramanga? Oh, dear child, it was:) They strapped me onto the harness and we quickly took a couple of running steps before the wind took us on a journey away from earth, Edinson and me. Amazing. Breath taking. A huge Wow! inside my young mans brain was everything I could think of. The feeling of seeing our planet from a birds point of view and also flying over it together with our smaller bewinged and feathered friends is not meant to be experienced in words, but in air. We flew for half an hour and then our feet once again touched mother’s green green grass.
I love flying, in any forms. I guess that’s a part of exploring places and feelings I haven’t experienced before, hence my love for travelling.
After taking some photos and exchanging them for salt (no, actually pesos, but the word salary actually comes from back in the days when you got your salary in salt) I took another night bus to Bogota where I am at the moment.
Soon another bus will have me inside her for 22 (twenty two) hours before spitting me out in Ipiales, just by the border to Ecuador.
Till then fellow humans, take care.

The take off and landing site at Colombia Paragliding in Bucaramanga.

This is from last weeks trip to Tayrona National Park, amazing just walking around in the jungle looking for things to see. The draw of luck showed me a big snake, hundreds of lizards and, crabs, a cayman and much more from the animal life.

This is from Parque Berrio in Medellin taken about 1,5 weeks ago.

A little time with grandma and granddad!

Had the lovely opportunity to meet my dear grandparents in the south of Sweden last weekend.
I’m always impressed with my grandfathers good memory and stories he tells. He even remembers details from before he started school. That’s more than me, and I’m just 23..

Well, I took the chance and snapped some photos of the view from their beach across the street. On the other side of the ocean is Denmark.

Click the image to view the panorama photo.

Studio time with Mr Melo

Yesterday I helped out my beloved friend Mathias Melo with the camera work for his stop-motion music video for one of his songs. It was two days of creativity and a lot of changing the original plans. But we got it all down and hopefully we can enjoy his master piece in the near future.

This is the crime scene.

Look around the scene with your mouse.

Today’s workspace, and tomorrow’s and yesterday’s

My fisheye lens finally arrived yesterday and that I celebrate with showing off my extraordinary workspace, creative lab, film studio and amusement lounge. Enjoy.

Project Dreams Initiated

Yesterday I started filming the first scene in the project I will be doing during my coming trip to South America. I haven’t really come up with a good name for it but for now it will be called “Project Dreams”. I’ve spend some time thinking of good ideas of a project to keep my mind on while travelling. I want to do something meaningful (for me), create something, and not just cruise around. I think I have a good idea and hopefully it will turn out good.

Here’s a little preview of my camera setup.

Canon EOS 500D with Canon 50 mm f/1.8 (nifty fifty) connected to my laptop with the software DSLR Remote Pro.

First time posting!

Things is soon going to take a turn for the better.
I’m in the position I want and can live my dream.
Now, let’s get crunkin!